1939 Register transcription

Over the months since we uploaded the 1939 Register, we have received some very helpful and interesting emails about the entries.

Here, I want to follow up an issue that has arisen a few times in these responses.

As many of you know, images of the original Register are held /owned by the British National Archives. These images of the original have recently been digitised by Find my Past, Ancestry, and so on. The process of digitisation is still in its infancy, and the transcription from faded, creased, sticky-taped originals to the typescript now available has created a number of errors.

In one or two instances locating these errors has been tremendously helpful in finding the entries for some men who did not appear to be in the Register but who should have been. We verify corrections through date of birth and job description, etc., and then check this against the image on the original document.

So – if you know that the NAME entry for your relative has an error, please get in touch and let me know.

It is a significant task to update the Register in its present form on the website, but I will be doing so on Friday of this week (17 August).

Any further corrections will be carried out towards the end of the year.

Many thanks, as ever, for all your help with this: it is very much appreciated, and it is important to get the information correct, as far as we can, collectively.

Kitchener camp 1939, Victor Cohn
Kitchener camp 1939, Victor Cohn