A post from some Kitchener Kids in the USA

Recently, Winston Brill – who was an infant at Kitchener camp in July 1939 – met with Frank Mecklenberg, Chief Archivist of the New York Leo Baeck Institute, and Ronnie Wolf, who is helping to organise the first meeting of US Kitchener descendants in New York. Ronnie’s father arrived in Kitchener with fellow students from the Berlin ORT.

Ronnie writes:

"Frank toured us through the Kindertransport exhibition as well as the 1938 Project: https://www.lbi.org/1938projekt/page/4/ 

The Project is an online undertaking detailing every day of 1938 from archives gathered from multiple sources.

It was a wonderful time.

Additionally, I've connected with approximately 16 families who are US descendants of Kitchener men. As of now, about 12 families are able to attend the May gathering at the Leo Baeck Institute.

With regards from across the ocean!


PS  Clare Ungerson, I finished your book and have recommended it to everyone in the group.
I can't believe that our Ort fathers were the last refugees to make it to the Camp ... and how lucky they were to have been moved to Leeds when they were!"
Winston Brill, Ronnie Wolf, Frank Mecklenburg, the Leo Baeck Institute, New York, Spring 2019
Winston Brill, Ronnie Wolf, and Frank Mecklenburg, at the Leo Baeck Institute, New York, Spring 2019