Antiques Roadshow – 8pm

So sorry to be absent for a few days, but I am taking some much-needed time to rest.

I will be back on form and answering email queries as soon as I can.

In the meantime, if you can access the BBC, you might want to tune into tonight’s Antiques Roadshow at 8pm to see Dan Herman – who was a very young child in Kitchener camp with his father, Siegfried Hermann.

A very kind and helpful chap called Matt, from the BBC, first contacted me some months ago about this, and asked whether we had had a contact from anyone who had actually been in Kitchener – who might work with them towards tonight’s programme, which is all about the outbreak of war.

Many of you who have been at the various Kitchener events will have met Dan – and I know you will be looking forward to hearing what he has to say tonight as much as I am.

To add to the interest, tonight’s programme is at least partly filmed in the tunnels at Dover Castle where the Dunkirk evacuation was organised, which is, of course, another part of our shared Kitchener history.