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Some practical information about your data and materials

This is outlined in full on the data page, but it will be helpful to also have it here, for clarity.

Firstly, this is not a commercial website.

We do use the running of this website in part to help us learn how to put websites together, and to better understand what helps people find a particular page or a particular piece of information.

Our ‘take down’ policy 

If you decide you are not happy that information you have provided has been uploaded – and you may change your mind at any point, for any reason – please just get in touch. This website is not ‘for profit’, it does not ‘sell on’ your details, and nor does it try to sell you things directly. It is a hobby/research site for people who have similar interests. We very much hope that it will be of use to families and researchers for the future. However, if you change your mind and would like us to take down anything you have sent us, please just say so, and of course we will comply.

Important note: For practical and financial reasons we are unable to run this website indefinitely. We intend to hand over administration and ownership of the website to an appropriate institution in due course. Here, by ‘appropriate institution’ we mean:

a) a longstanding institution with a secure future; and

b) an institution committed to, and well known for, promoting education and information about the Holocaust.

We will post on the website and attempt to email you when we have confirmation of which institution this will be. If you prefer, you may postpone sending your materials until this is clear. If you do send in your materials before this is known, and if you are unhappy with the outcome, you may ask for your materials to be removed. We will comply within 20 working days. If you change your mind once the handover has been completed, you will need to contact the new website administrators.