Kitchener descendants in the USA

This is a post for Kitchener descendants in the USA.

A number of you have asked whether I can put you in touch with each other – so you can perhaps organise a meet up of some kind.

I have gone through many emails, and done a search for some basic terms, such as US, New York, and so on, but my email search isn’t terribly sophisticated and, in any case, not everyone tells me what country they live in.

I am about to send out an email to those I have located in this fairly quick email search, but my sincere apologies if I miss you out – it won’t be intentional.

If you live in the USA and would like to be able to make contact with other Kitchener folk there – perhaps with a view to meeting up in some form – please email me to let me know – and I will add you to the list for you to circulate amongst yourselves.

I will then distribute email addresses and names only among those who have emailed to say they would like to do this, and I will then leave you to it from there.

If there are a few of you, you might want to get in touch with somewhere like Leo Baeck or USHMM (depending on where most folk live) – they may have a space they would let you use that might feel appropriate to the topic.

That brief suggestion aside, I’ll otherwise leave you to it – because, as you will know – we’re not a formal (or funded!) group in any way, shape, or form.