Kitchener speaker requested – can you help?

The Kitchener project continues to generate quite a lot of interest globally, and recently we received a request for someone to speak about this remarkable rescue.

While many of us, I’m sure, would jump at the chance to reach more people in whatever way we can, in this instance the project organisers are simply in the wrong location.

“Temple Beth Ahm Yisrael is a Conservative Egalitarian synagogue in Springfield, NJ, affiliated with The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.”

Rabbi Mallach of Temple Beth Ahm Yisrael has asked whether someone could offer a discussion about these events as part of their enrichment program. I know a number of Kitchener families aren’t a million miles away from the location of the temple (or even the 3,500 miles away that many of us are) – and if you would be willing to offer something on Kitchener, I’m sure it would be very welcome.

If you feel able to go along a chat about the Kitchener rescue, please get in touch with me by email (if we’ve been in touch previously) or using the Contact page. It’s a great opportunity to help get out the word about what we are trying to achieve.

Many thanks!

The new ‘Shattered’ exhibition at the Wiener library is now open:

This is an important set of events in the Kitchener narrative and I would encourage anyone who can to go along and find out more about the events of November 1938 that were the trigger for the Kitchener camp rescue.

Shattered at the Wiener Library - an exhibition on November 1938
Shattered at the Wiener Library – an exhibition on November 1938

There are a number events this autumn to commemorate 80 years since the start of one of our sister rescues organised by the CBF – the Kindertransport. Members of the Association of Jewish Refugees will have received invitations to some of these events, for example, and I look forward to going to at least one of the Kinder commemorations. Please say hello if you see me in the crowd!

Anyone who is a descendant of a Jewish refugee from Nazi oppression may join the AJR – which of course includes all Kitchener families.

"Membership of The Association of Jewish Refugees is extended to all Jewish victims of Nazi oppression, their descendants and dependents.

Annual membership of the AJR is £25 (£35 overseas) and in addition to the services (for UK based members) outlined on this website, members receive an annual subscription to AJR Journal."

*Last couple of tickets available for our talk on the Pioneer Corps*

Dr Helen Fry, ‘Digging for Victory’ at the Wiener Library on 17th October from 6pm