Kitchener updates

Kitchener exhibition fundraising link below:

Many apologies for having been absent for a while – the exhibition planning is taking far more work than I ever anticipated.

I have SO much newfound respect for the curators, historians, and archivists who do this for a living! Creating a meaningful history in 200 words per panel is actually incredibly tricky…

We almost have a first draft of the ten banners ready – working in tandem with the design company. Currently waiting for feedback from the experts before, no doubt, some re-drafting will need to be done.

I know some families are waiting patiently to have their project pages updated or started, and I will get to this as soon as I can. Just for the time being, I have to prioritise the exhibition materials, as the schedule for production and printing waits for no wo/man …

Thank you all so very much for your kind patience.


There have been so many generous donations to the fundraiser now – towards the exhibition costs – and it occurred to us that you might want to know more about where your money is going. So, I have put together a quick summary, below.

Please note – none of the money raised goes to any of the committee members – myself included. All the fundraising goes to the design and printing companies, and to the Jewish Museum for the hire of the event space.

Design company, printing company, and postage costs

10 single-sided banners – £1,287.50

1 aerial image – £75

Poles (5) – £100

Delivery of above – £50

‘Newspaper’ (5 copies) – £226.30

Delivery of newspaper – £25

Design of concept – £900

Design of 10 panels – £2,900

Artwork and print management – £260

= £5,823.80

VAT at 20% = £1,164.76

= £6,988.56

Afternoon room hire – Jewish Museum

£650 (lunch is extra and will be paid for through the tickets for the event)

Event insurance


Total so far: £7,938.56

Half the total amount has been applied for in a formal ‘funding’ round, which is the maximum we are allowed to apply for.

Anything not covered by the formal funding and by our own fundraiser (link above) has been guaranteed by a handful of kindly folk.


I must get back to the exhibition materials next – but I finally got hold of a few of the books I’ve been meaning to look at for a while now, and I’d recommend them to anyone wanting to know more about how the Kitchener rescue was perceived in earlier days. They also have some useful info on the Pioneer Corps, for those interested in knowing a bit more about that part of the history. I note that a number of the ‘facts and figures’ are inaccurate – when one has the opportunity to bring the records together – but these nevertheless form a fascinating account and help in their own ways to round out the history and some of the ways in which it was perceived by those involved in the administration.

R H Henriques (ed.) EMJ: The man and his work (Valentine, Mitchell, London, 1962)

N Bentwich, They Found Refuge (Cresset Press, 1956)

N Bentwich, Wanderer in War (Victor Gollancz 1946)

N Bentwich, I Understand the Risks (Victor Gollancz 1950)