Map findings – an update

I was making a couple of additions to the map this weekend as new families have been getting in touch, and thought you might like to take a look at where it’s got to.

This screenshot (below) gives a fair overview of the 114 entries to date.

As usual with images on the site, just click on it to make it larger for viewing.

Richborough transit camp - countries of origin - screenshot of Kitchener map, 8 July 2018
Kitchener camp, countries of origin, screenshot of Kitchener map, 8 July 2018

There is a good span of countries of origin starting to be seen here. I also dropped a marker on Sandwich, just for reference.

If you can’t find your family details on the map, please let me know, with their (original) name, town / city of birth, and date of birth – and I’ll add your information to the collection.

Over the ten months or so that we have been running, we have been hearing from families at the rate of approximately one a week, which is fantastic.

Do keep telling people about the project – not least because the more Kitchener descendants we locate, the more meaningful the conclusions will be for the wider history. And don’t forget – a lot of families actually know little or nothing about how their fathers and grandfathers got out of Germany, Austria, Poland, etc., so it sometimes takes a bit of explanation and help.

It’s also just really nice to get the chance to know more of our ‘Kitchener family’.

The link below takes you to the full Kitchener camp map and its details.