Permission letter

Descendants who would like to send in images and histories, please would you also attach a Permission Letter, shown below.

If you are unable to download it from here, please Contact us and we will send you a copy.

From May 2018 all websites will come under a new legislative framework, which includes digital copyright, so we thought we should get ahead of the curve on this and comply from the start.

Please just click on the link below to open the letter.

Permission to post images

Important note

For practical and financial reasons we are unable to run this website indefinitely. We intend to hand over administration and ownership of the website to the Wiener Library for the Study of the Holocaust and Genocide in 2019, marking the 80th anniversary of the opening of Kitchener camp.

This is being done so that the materials go to an ‘appropriate institution’, by which we mean:

a) a longstanding institution with a secure future; and

b) an institution committed to, and well known for, promoting education and information about the Holocaust.

Once this handover has been completed, you will need to contact the Wiener Library if for any reason you no longer wish the project to maintain your materials.