Research question

A quick post this evening … and it’s a request for help rather than a piece of new information.

A student has got in touch who is looking into her grandfather’s history – from incarceration, to Kitchener camp, to Canada.

She wishes to contextualise what she finds to include some of the wider history.

Something she has got stuck on – and I have to say that I sympathise, because I am similarly stuck for ideas here – is in trying to find out something about the role of Woburn House (and later Bloomsbury House) in the Kitchener rescue.

If anyone knows anything about this anecdotally, please would you get in touch; if anyone knows of a written history, again, please would you let me know so I can pass it on – and use it myself!

Many thanks – and Chag Sameach – or a Happy Easter!

Kitchener camp 1939, Woburn House, London
Kitchener camp 1939, Woburn House, London