Some Kitchener names

I have spent a bit of time today updating the ‘List of Names’, which you can view here:

If you can add anything about any of the men you see listed, please do let us know. We’re still a very long way from 4,000, but – we’re getting there – one name at a time!

I have also uploaded some more of Hans Jackson’s extraordinary images on the research pages where they seem most relevant, for example here:

And here:

And I will continue to add further images from the collection that Hans Jackson’s nephew, Allen Sternstein, so very kindly gave the project permission to use.

We have been adding some more wonderful materials as they arrive from families all over the world. I will try to remember to add any group photographs received to the post I highlighted the other day. Another new one went in to the collection this morning. We have had some successes already with families being able to name people in these pictures – so please let us know if you see anyone you recognise. Families love to hear about this.

That’s it for now – except, importantly, to say thank you for your participation in and enthusiasm for this project. I don’t think I’ve told you this yet, but for a niche project we’re doing pretty well in terms of being ‘found’, and that’s down to you good Kitchener Descendants – spreading the word.

The more people who see the site, the more descendants we can hope to reach. So please do keep letting folk know we’re doing this, so we can keep extending our Kitchener family. It feels ‘right’, I hope, to both commemorate our families, while also making this serious attempt to fill a major historical gap.