The Joint

I have been writing up some so-far rather disjointed notes on the American Joint Distribution Committee, which funded around twenty percent of the Kitchener camp costs.

It is disjointed because the lovely folk at ‘The Joint’, as it is familiarly known, are looking out their archival records for consultation for the project.

I thought it better to get something rather than nothing onto the project pages for now, but the page linked to above will be expanded in due course when I have the first-hand archival records to consult. I’m very much looking forward to getting into their records on this and we very much appreciate their kind help.

Richborough camp, The American Joint Distribution Committee
Kitchener camp, the American Joint Distribution Committee, Geneva letterhead



In aid of the Holocaust Educational Trust, there is a concert coming up for anyone in or near London at the moment:


Kindertransporte Commemorative Cycle: Berlin to London 17-22 June 2018

Dan Newton is about to begin his epic cycle ride to fund raise for World Jewish Relief, which rescued his grandfather Hans Nebel and his sister. He will be cycling over 600 miles in six days, recreating the Kindertransporte route that saved two members of his family:

We wish Dan the very best of luck for his remarkable and dedicated commemoration project.


You’ve probably never heard of the world’s oldest Holocaust museum

Finally, the Times of Israel wrote a nice piece on the Wiener Library yesterday, which you can read at the following link: