Alfred Meyer – Memories

Alfred Meyer (born Gemund Eifel, Germany 17.02.1923) arrived in England on 8 February 1939 on a Kindertransport from Aachen, Germany, just before his 16th birthday.

Alfred was initially at the Dovercourt Bay camp, and on 3 March 1939, was sent in the group of some 70 ‘Dovercourt Boys’ to Kitchener Camp where he worked to fix up the camp.

On 20 March 1939 he was sent to Braunton, North Devon, where he worked on a bulb farm.

Alfred was granted exemption from internment, and at that time his occupation was recorded as “Student, Horticultural Trainee”. 

By the autumn of 1940 he moved to London. His name was accepted to go on the Santo Domingo scheme, but he declined, perhaps due to the intervention of his older sister Ruth, who had come to England later in 1939 through the Society of Friends (Quakers).

Alfred took up work as a tailoring assistant in the West End, where he continued in this profession throughout the 1950s, residing at that time in Clapton, Stamford Hill, and Hackney, North London. He married on 9 November 1958, to Lucy, and they have one son Leon Meyer, born February 1960.

Alfred passed away on 9 January 2010.