Ernst Pories – Memories

My uncle Ernst is on the 1939 Kitchener list and I thought I’d connect.

As far as I know, Ernst has no living descendants. 

I was wondering if anyone on the Kitchener list had family members that he befriended, which is one reason I joined.

His history follows, as far as I know it …

Ernst was supposedly smuggled out of Vienna dressed as a boy scout and was resettled with a Jewish family in Golders Green, North London.

He went on to study engineering and designed engines for Rolls Royce; he also worked translating German into English.

Ernst met my aunt in London in the late 1940s. They married in 1950 and a photograph of them can be seen here.

My aunt and uncle lived in Wembley, and did not have any children. My aunt died of cancer in 1979. Ernst died in 1997.

Ernst did try and trace what happened to his family through the Red Cross in the 1950s, but only their luggage was discovered in Rotterdam.

It was I who found out that they had been transported in 1941 to Łódź, in Poland, where they were murdered. Ernst discovered only his uncle survived, and he went to live in Australia.

Ernst led a quiet life. He never talked about his experiences before coming to the UK. My mother would try and cook him authentic Viennese cakes, which he really appreciated. And my aunt introduced me to a lot of Eastern European cooking thanks to him.


[Editor: the family of Ernst Pories would very much like to hear from anyone with information about their uncle. If you know anything, please do get in touch and we will pass on your message]

Submitted by Penny Ling for her uncle Ernst Pories