Heinrich Vulkan – Memories

Heinrich Vulkan was born on 17 May 1905 in Kosice, Slovakia; the family moved to Vienna during Heinrich’s early years.

Heinrich arrived in Britain as a refugee in 1939; he spent some months in Kitchener camp and joined the Pioneer Corps when war broke out.

While staying in Kitchener camp, Heinrich was invited to Brighton, because my parents and I lived in Hove from soon after our arrival in England until August 1940.

Heinrich married on 31 May 1940. His bride was Alice Liedchover, also originally from Vienna.

Heinrich’s brother Ferdinand (known as Nandor) Vulkan was born in Kosice on 20 April 1901. He was also resident in Kitchener camp in 1939. On being sent to France after D-Day with the Pioneer Corps he had to change his name to Frank Vincent, supposedly born in London, in case of capture by the Germans and being treated as a traitor rather than a PoW. Luckily this was never tested!

Heinrich died in Glasgow on 27 January 1950.

Submitted by George Vulkan for his uncles Heinrich and Ferdinand Vulkan