Heinz Grünewald – Memories

Heinz Grünewald – born in Herdecke, Germany, 20 December 1919

Profession in country of origin: Tailor

Arrived in Britain as a refugee from Germany in 1939

Kitchener camp, Richborough transit camp, Heinz Grünewald, Auszug Vortrag Eva Lee Nov. 2014
Kitchener camp, Heinz Grünewald, Auszug Vortrag, Extract from speech given by a cousin of Heinz – Eve Lee, November 2014

After the war Heinz Grünewald went to live in New York. Today, a cousin of his, Eve Lee, lives in Dumont, New Jersey; she is almost 90 years old. I have been in contact with her since 1990. Eve visited Herdecke in 2014, because a memorial tablet for the victims of holocaust was being erected. In 2016, I visited her in Dumont.
If you look at the following website you can get more information about the Grünewald family:

Kindly submitted by researcher Willi Creutzenberg