Louis Goldmann – Memories

The following link goes to the USC Shoah Foundation website and a fascinating two-hour interview with Louis Goldmann, conducted in 1990.

He talks a little about his time at Kitchener, and also about the Haig listening posts, internment on the Isle of Man, and deportation and internment in Canada.

Louis mentions that he was one of 29 people in Hut 29/II. There are also some Kitchener photographs shown during this interview. He states that there were about 20 people in Hut 29/I – “small groups”. One of the men in one of the Kitchener photographs was Louis’s brother Bruno Goldmann.

Looking at the brothers’ Exemption from Internment cards in the UK National Archives records, Bruno and Louis must have arrived in Britain together (see the Police Registration certificate numbers and Home Office reference numbers).