Max Bruckheimer – Memories

Max Bruckheimer – born in Kulsheim, Germany, 27th February 1903

Profession in country of origin: cattle dealer

Arrived in Britain as a refugee from Germany in 1939

Alex Barreto would like to follow up on Max Bruckheimer and his children who immigrated to Israel after the Second World War.

Max was my great-grandfather’s (Bernhard/Bernardo) cousin. Our branch of the Bruckheimer/Bruckmueller families emigrated to Brazil, and my great-grandfather was the 1st generation born in Brazil. My great-grandfather and his children (the grandparent generation) kept in touch with the family in Germany until the war and the deportations to the camps began.

As far as I have learned, only Max escaped. Max would be in his hundreds by now. 

I would really like to connect with Max and Max’s children/grandchildren, as a part of long-lost family who are now in Brazil, the UK, the USA, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, and Paraguay. Any leads regarding where Max and family settled after Kitchener camp would be most helpful.

[Editor’s note: we have found a shipping list that suggests Max emigrated to the USA in May 1940, but so far the trail stops there. He sailed on Cunard White Star Britannia, departing 3rd May 1940 from Liverpool to New York. Max was accompanied on this voyage by his wife Hilda – year of birth 1918.]